Jute is known as the ‘Golden Fibre’ due to its golden brown colour and its importance. In terms of usage, production and global consumption, Jute is second only to cotton. Jute is environmentally friendly; the plants are easy to grow, have a high yield per acre and, unlike cotton, have little need for pesticides and fertilizers. Jute is a bast fibre, similar to flax and hemp.
Jute fibres are very long (1 to 4 metres), silky, lustrous and golden brown in colour. Jute is part cellulose, part lignin. Cellulose is a major component of plant fibres while lignin is a major component of wood fibre. Jute fibre has strength, durability and versatility.
Jute has a low carbon footprint, it is biodegradable, feeds the soil and all parts of the plant can be used.

Available Width: Custom
Use: Domestic & light commercial.
Please enquire about specific products based on the intended application
Manufacture: Handmade

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